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Siluett Plast — traditional Czech manufacturer of fibreglass laminate containers

Siluett plast. Respectable Czech manufacturer of large, durable and rigid containers of glass laminates. Nearly 50 years in the market

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High-quality fibreglass laminate tanks, flue chimneys and pipes should be usable for several generations. Like those of our manufacture.
Siluett plast

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Since 1968, we have manufactured more than 13 500 pieces of fibreglass laminate containers with a volume of approximately 597.5 million litres including 1 550 filters..

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Fibreglass Laminate Tanks

Durable means of storage and containers for non-pressure storage of liquid chemicals (including aggressive chemicals), food products and bulk materials in horizontal or vertical position. Including guarantee of hygienic perfection.

Flue Chimneys

Provision of reliable venting of flue gases or noxious fumes. Chemical resistance, low weight and long durability guaranteed. Installation of flue chimneys is simple; operation is maintenance-free.

Sand Pressure Filters

Pressure vessels with a nearly unlimited lifetime are used for the repeated treatment of water in swimming pools, water parks, spas and open-air pools. Perfect regeneration of all water sources is always ensured with these sand filters.

Fibreglass Laminate Pipes; Other Types

We manufacture piping material by using the technology of accurate winding of glass laminates; pipelines receive their specific properties while treated with this technology. Fibreglass laminate piping is used for distribution systems in chemical production; it is also used as a water supply system leading to small hydro power plants.

Siluett Plast in figures

47 years since founding of the company

13500 fibreglass laminate containers manufactured

597500000 volume in litres of fibreglass laminate containers

1550 pressure filters manufactured