We produce vertical and horizontal fibreglass laminate containers and tanks in diameters ranging from 800 to 3 550 mm and in capacities even higher than 100 m3.

The containers are mostly used for storage of various liquid media and also as technological vessels in production processes. Aggressive chemicals, as well as fertilisers, drinking water and raw materials in food production can be stored in these containers.

Material, capacity, shape, connection fittings and other characteristics of the tank are always determined according to customer requirements — so that the tank best suits its purpose.

Pathway from design to production, installation and service

First of all, we always prepare a technical drawing and then (after approval) we manufacture the tank. Of course, we deliver products together with all the necessary documentation. We manufacture the products by the continuous and accurate mechanical winding method. We use glass-reinforced laminate based on orthophtalic, isophthalic, bisphenol or vinylester materials — depending on the intended use of the container.

The best materials

The materials are characterised by excellent mechanical and physical properties, in particular high strength (especially in tension and compression), low specific weight, low thermal and electrical conductivity, as well as exceptional resistance to most chemicals even at higher temperatures, without any need of anti-corrosion surface treatment.

Other advantages include the shape variability of material, which allows for the manufacture of atypical shapes, easy connection of individual parts, as well as the possibility of repairs in the event of nearly any kind of damage to a product. Maintenance-free operation of these products and their very long lifetime are also considerable factors. This is proven by the fact that you can still see a lot of our tanks in operation which were manufactured as far back as the 1970s.

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