We recommend the right things

We can help you to determine the appropriateness of use where fibreglass laminate products are concerned. Those to be used for any food products, liquids, materials and other substances.

We manufacture our containers by the accurate winding method

The method of placing a wound strip provides the guarantee of uniform tension in the product wall, including perfect reproducibility and subsequent high strength.

We test everything thoroughly

All types of containers pass through laboratory tests aimed at materials. As well as those aimed at chemical and pressure resistance.

We provide installation and services

With all products made of glass laminates, we carry out surface finishing, production of moulds and mixing of special mixtures for PESL. We also provide services associated with the placement and installation of anchoring systems.

We provide consulting and training services

We offer consulting services related to the manufacture, modification and use of fibreglass laminate products. We can prepare designs of containers, including calculations. We can also prepare methods of their machining. We can negotiate about appropriate methods of usage.

We can bring the products to you

All products can be delivered wherever you require them. We can also unload them at a site of your choice.

And we also do more

We also offer something extra — initiation systems of binders, curing glass laminates for special purposes and joining sub-assemblies using special fittings.