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Siluett Plast — traditional Czech manufacturer of fibreglass laminate containers


We manufacture all types of fibreglass laminate containers by the method of high precision winding of glass reinforcement and contact layup . This is how the products acquire their specific characteristics — greatly enhanced quality with prolonged lifetime. The volume or size of containers are irrelevant.

All products of Siluett Plast are characterised by 100 % strength, chemical resistance and unlimited durability.

Fibreglass Laminate Tanks

Durable, reliable means of storage. Containers are intended for non-pressure storage of liquid or chemical substances, food processing products and bulk materials in horizontal or vertical position. Including a guarantee of hygienic perfection.

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Sand Pressure Filters

Pressure vessels with a nearly unlimited lifetime are used for the repeated treatment of water in swimming pools, water parks, spas and open-air pools. Perfect regeneration of all water sources is always ensured with these sand filters.

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Flue Chimneys

Provision of reliable venting of flue gases or noxious fumes from chemical and industrial plants. Flue chimneys are chemically resistant; they are characterised by low weight and long durability. Installation of the chimneys is absolutely simple. And operation does not require any regular maintenance.

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We manufacture pipelines by the technology of accurate winding of glass laminates. Compared to conventional materials, these have some specific characteristics which cannot be achieved with other conservative materials. The pipelines are mostly used for distribution systems in chemical production; they are also used as a water supply system leading to small hydro power plants.

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Fibreglass Laminate Silos

Silos are wound using the method of accurate mechanical cross winding. Wall thickness depends on the capacity and weight of material in the silo. Fibreglass laminate silos are generally used in the agricultural and fishing industries and also for storage of feed mixtures and seed. They are also used for storage purposes in the food processing industry (flour for bakeries).

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Containers for Tank Vehicles

Mobile horizontal containers of many different capacities are used for the distribution of liquid fertilisers, suction of faeces and as water tanks. They find their usage mainly in the agricultural industry and water treatment companies.

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Other Products

In addition to machine manufacturing, we also deal with the manual processing of glass laminate by using the method of contact layup . This production technology can be used for wastewater treatment plants, air washers, covering parts, protective covers of current connections, cooling towers, fan blades, pickling and soaking tubs, compensators, covers for wastewater treatment plants.

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Service and Refurbishing of Surfaces

Service and Refurbishing of Surfaces We also deal with repairs and modifications of fibreglass laminate tanks, both those of our own and foreign manufacture. We carry out refurbishing of surfaces of fibreglass laminate vessels, their colour modifications, as well as overall repair to change the intended use and prolong the lifetime of vessels.

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