The Service Department deals with repairs of fibreglass laminate products coming from our production plant as well as those from other origins.

Tank Repairs

We do minor repairs on-site. Larger tanks must be transported to our production plant where we can even replace the entire shell of a vessel or its cover. The usability of a vessel is significantly extended by this replacement; it often exceeds 40 years.

Tank Modifications

In addition to repairs, we also deal with modifications of tanks that are sometimes necessary to be done; especially in the case of a request for a change in their usage. Replacement of flanges; insertion of a new flange or blinding an existing one — these are routine activities for our experienced staff.

Refurbishing of Containers

A quite frequent repair consists of the overall refurbishing of the surface of laminate vessels, especially older ones. The refurbishing process results in them looking new and fresh. It also restores their resistance to environmental effects, which in turn significantly extends their lifetime.

Colour Coating of Tanks

Finally, we also provide new colour modification of a container. The aesthetic effect will be enhanced due to the colour modification. And nobody will realise that the tank is not in fact new.

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